Trailer STAMMBUCH 1938

Theatrical collage of texts by Ilse Aichinger, Erich Kästner, Frederic Morton, Ruth Winkelmann, Kurt Hahn and Wolfgang Borchert.
Zenith Productions.
Staging: Kari Rakkola, Music: Walter Nikowitz, Martina Cizek, Actors: Hanna Victoria Bauer, Deborah Gzesh, Jakob Oberschlick, Kari Rakkola

On the night of November 9-10, 1938 and in the following days, pogroms against the Jewish population took place throughout the German Reich. The Nazis coined the euphemistic expression “Reichskristallnacht”. This began the systematic expulsion, expropriation and annihilation of the Jews during the Nazi era. The collage is reminiscent of pictures and scenes.


TEATRO BAROCCO 2013 – „DIE HOCHZEIT AUF DER ALM“ by Johann Michael Haydn (1768).
First live recording of the melodious – humorous “Singspiel” in the first historical – authentic production by director Bernd R. Bienert since 1810. Cheered by the public and the press, the production performed at TEATRO BAROCCO in Altenburg Abbey (Lower Austria) in summer 2013 is now available on DVD.
(GRAMOLA € 19,90)
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Excerpts LA VESTE

Dance-Performance by Sundora & Dgendu
Idea/choreography/performance: Sundora & Dgendu (Dorota Łęcka & Gérald Durand)