Short Biography

Education as a biochemist. Self-taught occupation with photography, video and graphics.
Photography and video documentation as well as visual material for Volkstheater Vienna, Odeon Vienna, Wiener Festwochen, the Bregenz Festival, Teatro Barocco, Theater Rigiblick / Zurich and Theater de la Ville / Paris among others.
Numerous artistic film-/video projects in collaboration with various directors, musicians and with the international contemporary dance scene.
Lecturer for “Video in Dance” at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz/Austria.
Web and graphic design for numerous Austrian artists and organizations (ÖBV, WCO Brussels).

A little more detailed

Born in Upper Austria, spent his childhood in the Salzkammergut (Austria), attended the higher technical institute for biochemistry in Vienna. High school graduation. Subsequently enrolled at the University of Vienna for biochemistry.
Soon the interest in photography became predominant and the deepening of the knowledge took place self-taught. Contacts to the artistic photography scene in Vienna (WUK, Galerie Faber). Acceptance of a part-time job in a prepress department of a printing house.
Collaboration with Arie Zinger to create video projections for the production “Popcorn” in Volkstheater Vienna. Further documentation videos and material for theater productions will follow. Camera work on Super8 and 16mm films (color & black / white) by director Gerhard Alt and with musician Max Nagl. Video work with dancers / choreographers (Dagmar Dornelles, Christine Gaigg, T-junction Vienna). Photographic work includes portraits for musicians, actors and dancers, documentary photography and also advertising subjects for well-known companies and institutions. Photographic and video documentary support for festivals in Austria and abroad. A teaching assignment for several years on the subject of “Video and Dance” at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz/Austria.